It’s to be noted that you can categorize your poem under as many categories as it fits as long as it actually belongs in each category that it’s in!  For instance > A vulgar, suggestive poem could go under the categories “Sexual/suggestive, vulgar, all poems, (whatever type of poem you’ve written.”  Categorizing like that is perfectly fine!



Vulgar language: Anything with over five vulgar words MUST be categorized in the “Vulgar” category.

Sexual/suggestive: If your poem contains sexual content, suggestive themes, fetishes. . .ect. . . You MUST categorize it under the “Sexual/suggestive”category.

Sensitive topics: Some touchy topics may include self-harm, suicide, rape. . .ect.  Any poem that includes those could be traumatic for certain members and would go under the “Sensitive topics” category!

Violence:  Poems purely about things such as murder, wanting to hurt others, ect, can result in ban.  We do not want that kind of negativity.  This rule does not apply to using metaphors or softly hinting.

Harassment: Posts harassing another member could easily result in a ban.