All Poems, Ballad, Elegy, Free Verse, Haiku, Imagery, Limerick, Narrative, Pastoral / Monday, June 18th, 2018

Your mind is like glass.

Some people are thicker than others, and some people are thin.

And I want you to know that with every bit of light that shines through you, will have an equal amount of darkness.

The days so bright, but when night comes we have no sweet song birds to listen to.

Or do we?

Do we not see that hunters like owls can be beautiful, even when they’re right infront of us?

On stormy nights we look at the clouds to be our wishing stars, because we can’t see any hidden in the sky, so we make them.

And I want you to know that its okay to shatter. Its okay to be a mess all over the floor, because someone, even if its yourself, one day will pick you up and help you get back together.

Sometimes the most beautiful pieces of glass have some cracks.

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